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Wolcott Foundation Selects 2018 Fellows!
Meet the students HERE



Wolcott Foundation Fellowships for Master's Degree studies are awarded to US citizens who have not previously earned an advanced degree and are attending or applying to George Washington University's School of Business, the Elliott School of International Affairs or the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

While the Foundation seeks to support full-time students, students working full time for government or related activities may enroll for six semester hours in the fall and spring semesters.


To learn more about the Wolcott Foundation please visit http://www.wolcottfoundation.com/wolcott.html.

Contact a Wolcott Foundation Representative in your area to find out how you can contribute to this very important cause. 

Donations can now be made directly to the Foundation
using this LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Wolcott Foundation - February 28, 2019 Selection Meeting Slideshow HERE 



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