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High Twelve International Constitution - June 2001 PDF version

High Twelve BL-001 H-12 International Bylaws R-07152023 - Revised July 15, 2023 PDF version

High Twelve HTI Uniform Association Constitution and Bylaws 071019.pdfMicrosoft Word version
      NOTE: Only those areas in brackets [XXXXX] can be modified!

High Twelve HTI Uniform Club Bylaws 071019.pdf - Revised June 2019 PDF version

High Twelve HTI Uniform Club Bylaws 071019.docx - Revised June 2019 Microsoft Word version 
      NOTE: This is a fill in the blank form, do not retype, change the cover page, basic template , header or footer!

NOTE: The bylaws amendment to allow EA's & FC's was declared null and void by the HTI General Counsel on 9/19/15. The above bylaws were modified to remove that change.  There is no further action to be taken on this.


International Officer's Manual - 6/18/16 version

State Officer's Manual - 6/2006 version

Club Officer's Manual - 1/26/16 version

Convention Manual - 1/26/16 version

Synopsis of Committee Assignments - 7/2010 version

Since you are a President - 2/1977 version

Since you are a Secretary - 1/1985 version

Since you are a Masonic Representative - undated

Protocol Guide  - 7/2023 version (NEWLY UPDATED)

International Conflict of Interest Policy - 1/26/16 version

R- 3/23/23

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