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Membership Retention & Expansion Program

Based upon the input which the members of the Executive Committee was hearing from our members, we believed that we needed to provide you with some tools to help you grow your membership, retain your membership and develop new  clubs in your states. We have now developed the tools outlined below for use by the State Associations and Clubs for these purposes.

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M-001  Membership Program Overview

M-002  Ambassador Program

M-003  Club Retention Calling Program

M-004  Club Expansion

M-006  Information Board Layout

M-007  Information Board Vertical Documents

M-008  Information Board Horizontal Documents

M-009  PowerPoint Instructions

M-010  PowerPoint Presentation

M-011  Presentation Speech

M-012 YouTube LINK High Twelve Glow Video - a 12 minute VHS produced in 1987 with an opening by Ernest Borgnine that provides basic information about High Twelve.  This is a period piece but the message is still the same today.

M-001 to M-011 can be downloaded/printed yourself

M-012 can be download through the link above


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