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December 16, 2019

EIN Contact Listing HERE - Association/Club # order, responsible contact name, EIN #, revocation status, file 990-N ePostcard after date and last year taxes filed as of 12/16/19.

A step by step guide to filing the 990-N ePostcard can be found HERE   The proof of filing is the ACCEPTED document and not the PENDING document.

EIN Non-Profit Revocation Listing HERE - Club # order, responsible contact, EIN #, revocation date, last year taxes filed - if any.  The Non-Profit status of the EIN has been revoked.  The EIN is still a valid number. Annual tax filings are still required as a for profit organization.  Specifics on the impacts of a revocation and tax filings can be found HERE on the IRS website.

Want to check your historical filings on the IRS website? Click HERE and enter the EIN # and select Have filed Form 990-N (epostcard) option   OR   to check on Revocations enter EIN # and select Were automatically revoked option. 

R 12/16/19

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