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A Message From The Wolcott Foundation Chairman, Michael Clark

The Wolcott Foundation assists young, enthusiastic and highly qualified college graduates seeking a career in government service. The assistance  from the Foundation would provide the student with tuition funds, allowing pursuit of a graduate degree as a Wolcott Foundation Fellow from the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC.

This tuition assistance comes with a four year post graduation stipulation, specifying that the scope of Public Service  cannot be with an elected politician or an organization that is not government sponsored. This requirement continues today and is the cornerstone of the Foundations belief in public service for the good of the citizens of the United States.

George Washington University is perfectly suited as the Foundation’s educational partner in providing Fellowships to outstanding students seeking a career in public service.

It’s location just a few blocks from the seat of government in the United States and its outstanding reputation as a premier educational institute, enables our students to work in government positions while attending classes and putting their classroom education to practical application. Many of our Fellows continue their government careers with the same agency they first discovered while attending GWU.

The success of our partnership with GWU is demonstrated in the accomplishments of our 400+ Wolcott Fellows who have served our country as United States Ambassadors and high ranking officials in the many government departments.

The Wolcott Foundation is composed of a group of Master Masons from the United States and several foreign countries who believe in the concept of education being the driving force behind a successful democratic government.

If you believe you are a qualified student with the passion to pursue your dreams and the dedication to be challenged by studies at a university requiring performance at the highest educational level, then please complete an application according to the rules set forth on this website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael E. Clark-Chairman
The Wolcott Foundation Inc.

Donations can now be made directly to the Foundation
using this LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

R 6/28/17

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