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The Wolcott Foundation, Inc.

High Twelve International’s project that awards fellowships to US Citizens for Masters Degrees from George Washington University in International Affairs; International Business; Public Administration or Public Affairs. To date almost 500 students have been supported in full or part for their graduate degrees at GWU.


Donation Levels:

Little Red Schoolhouse - free will
Wolcott Lapel Pins $10.00
Heritage Bond - "In Memory of" $20.00 up to $99.99
Heritage Bond - "In Honor of" $20.00 up to $99.99
Century Club $100.00 up to $999.99
Wolcott Club $1,000.00 up to $4,999.99
Dr. Philip D. Grub Award - $5,000 and up

George Washington University and Wolcott Certificate - $10,000.00 and up

How you can participate in making a tax deductible donation(s):

  1. Little Red Schoolhouse - all donations made when the schoolhouse is passed around the table during a club meeting are forwarded to the Wolcott Trustee, who forwards them to the foundation.  Clubs are recognized annually for giving at all levels combined during the Wolcott year (May to April).
  2. Wolcott Lapel Pins* - available from your Wolcott representative or club secretary
  3. Memorial*- a donation with an acknowledgement mailed as directed
  4. Heritage Bonds* - two donation methods
    • In Memory of - mailed as directed
    • In Honor of - mailed as directed
  5. Century Club* - two donation methods
    • One time donation of $100.00, certificate in your name or designee
    • Monthly installment - $10 per month over a 12 month period will purchase a century club certificate in your name or designee
  6. Wolcott Club* - two donation methods
    • One time donation of $1,000.00
    • 10 Century Club certificates (#5 above) equal one Wolcott Club certificate.  All Century Club certificates must be for the same named person to qualify, and be completed within a ten (10) year period.  A Wolcott “sticker” is issued in-lieu of subsequent certificates (2-9).  A presentation plaque is presented when the 10th Century Club is attained.


ALL donations are made out to the Wolcott Foundation, Inc. and the Club Wolcott Representative or Club Secretary will give you a receipt.  The original (white) copy goes to the donor, yellow copy with the check to your Zone Trustee or Wolcott Zone Deputy Trustee and the pink copy [deleted latest print edition] is the club's record.  Cash donations should be 'converted' to a club check - do not send cash though the mail. 

Donations shall be mailed directly to:
         The Wolcott Foundation, Inc.
         PO Box 890
         Lansdale PA 19446

Donations can now be made directly to the Foundation
using this LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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