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Custom Dues Cards - Now Available!  

International now offers custom dues cards for all local clubs!

All cards will be printed by club number for the whole club. The sample below is what an individual card will look like - club receipt on the left and member card on the right.  These are standard business sized cards - information in the red boxes is the custom printed information which is based on the current member membership record contained in the membership database.

         Custom Dues Card Sample

The cards will print 5 per page, are perforated for easy removal, each sheet can be 3-holed punched so they can be placed in a binder if desired.  Click HERE to see a full page sample.


The club secretary contacts the international office and provides the following information:

  1. Club number
  2. Dues period covered in one of the following formats:
    • 20xx
    • 20xx - 20xx
    • thru mm-dd-yy
    • mm-dd-yy to mm-dd-yy
  3. Online Order Form HERE!
  4. You can also order by email or phone call.

 Informational Notes:

  • No 'one off' printings can made, the whole club prints at one time
  • The official roster of a club is based on the members contained within internationals membership database only
  • This database is maintained via changes submitted monthly to the international office on the Monthly Report
  • Your official roster is available from the international office - you only have to ask!
    • Once a roster is validated the monthly report will keep things in sync

NOTE: New/Reinstated members receive a dues card and membership certificate automatically when the monthly report is filed!

If you have any questions about the dues card program contact the international office.



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