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Greetings to all Brethren and to our High Twelve Members across the Globe,

I am honored to represent High Twelve International in our 103rd year as your International President! This is quite the privilege since I have always believed that High Twelve International gets to the very core of Freemasonry: Family, Fellowship and Future!

Family in that all Master Masons are welcome to join a High Twelve Club, and we encourage our ladies to attend. Many of our Clubs enjoy the largest turnouts while our ladies join us.

We have the flexibility to meet at any day, time, and venue of our choice and this creates a wide range of possibilities for families to gather and enjoy!

Our High Twelve Clubs have members from many Masonic Bodies and Grand Lodges. This affords us the ability to share fellowship and lend support where needed. We encourage during our Club meetings the members to keep us up to date as to current events in other Masonic Bodies and many ask how they can be of service if needed. This is one of the many reasons why we promote High Twelve as “Freemasonry in Action.”

High Twelve International supports the Wolcott Foundation and our Masonic Youth Groups.

The Wolcott Foundation offers the ability to those of the highest caliber to lead in public service and government. We have had many stellar men and women excel in their respective fields as a direct result of being awarded a Wolcott Fellowship. I encourage you to read about their accomplishments on our website under the Wolcott Tab. Each time I am in the presence of these recipients, it solidifies for me the importance of our continued support and enthusiasm towards garnering consistent Wolcott donations!

Our Youth Groups instill responsibility, leadership and honor to our future leaders and opens a pathway for good citizenship and role models for others to emulate. I encourage you to attend a DeMolay, Rainbow, or Jobs Daughters function to witness for yourself the grace, pride and dedication of these young men and women, our future leaders!

Our Executive Officers, State Association Officers, Club Officers, and Members are dedicated and committed to the growth of High Twelve International and to our beloved Fraternity overall. Reach out and let us know how we can be of service.

In closing, I want to give thanks, love and appreciation to my wife Maria, my family, brothers, and friends who have supported me throughout this process and have helped share my vision.

Family, Fellowship and Future…. it’s why High Twelve continues to grow and be a staple of Freemasonry!

God Bless!

Americo (Rick) J. Santella

International President


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